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Dedicated to providing compassionate relationship counselling or navigating the challenges of divorce

Relationships are dynamic and ever-evolving, and seeking help is a proactive step towards a healthier connection. Though inherently rewarding, many can encounter challenges that strain the connection between partners. Seeking relationship counselling is not a sign of weakness but a testament to your commitment to nurturing a strong and enduring bond. Similarly, looking for support and assurance through the process of seperation or divorce offers many benefits.

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I offer specialized Kelowna relationship counselling services, as well as options for online counselling to fit the schedules and location needs of my clients. I am dedicated to providing personalized support utilizing the techniques of emotion-focused therapy.

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Saving an Existing Relationship

Navigating the ups and downs of a relationship can be challenging, and sometimes, couples find themselves at a crossroads. In relationship counselling, we work together to explore communication strategies, identify underlying issues, and rediscover the foundation that brought you together. Katharine Hansen Counselling is committed to providing a safe space where couples can rebuild and strengthen their connection.

Kelowna divorce counselling
Kelowna relationship counselling

Dealing with Separation

Separation is a complex and emotionally charged process, and seeking support during this time is crucial. Whether you are considering separation or already navigating this challenging phase, I offer guidance to help you navigate the emotional terrain. Through emotion-focused therapy, we work to ensure a respectful and thoughtful approach to separation.

Kelowna divorce therapy
relationship counselling

Navigating Divorce with Compassion

Divorce is a significant life transition that requires emotional support and guidance. I provides Kelowna divorce counselling services, and options for online counselling sessions focusing on helping individuals navigate the emotional complexities of the divorce process. Through therapeutic collaboration, I am here to assist you in finding resilience, healing, and a path forward after divorce.

Avoiding your emotions can lead to negative outcomes in your life. Over time, ignoring or avoiding your emotional response may alter your ability to process emotions later on.

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If you are seeking compassionate relationship counselling or support during separation or divorce, I am here to help. Relationships may face challenges, but with guidance, understanding, and a commitment to growth, they can also emerge stronger.

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