Grief Counselling

Navigating the journey of grief can be overwhelming, we understand the depth of emotions that come with loss.

Grief is a profound and unique experience, and the weight of it can sometimes feel unbearable. It’s okay to feel devastated, angry, confused, or completely out of control. We acknowledge that the grieving process is complex and that everyone copes differently. Specializing in grief counselling, bereavement counselling, and grief therapy tailored to the unique needs of each individual.

Kelowna Grief Therapy Tailored for You


I offer specialized Kelowna grief counselling services, as well as options for online counselling to fit the schedules and location needs of my clients. I am dedicated to providing personalized support to help you navigate through the difficult terrain of grief.

A Safe Place To Heal

During times when grief feels insurmountable, Katharine Hansen Counselling offers more than just counselling – it provides a sanctuary for your emotions. This is a space where you can lay bare your deepest feelings without fear of judgment or expectation. As the sole practitioner, I am here to listen, support, and validate your experiences, allowing you to navigate through the complexities of grief at your own pace. Together, we create an environment where you can express the full range of your emotions, fostering a sense of comfort and understanding.

kelowna grief counselling
Kelowna bereavement counselling

Embracing Change and Growth

In the midst of grief, the concept of change and growth may seem distant, but it is an integral part of the healing journey. As your dedicated guide, I work with you to explore the potential for positive transformation that can emerge from the grieving process. Together, we navigate the path toward healing, understanding that every small step forward is a triumph. Through therapeutic collaboration, we identify coping strategies, strengths, and resilience, fostering an environment where personal growth becomes an achievable and empowering goal.

Even in the face of profound loss, Katharine Hansen Counselling is here to help you discover the resilience within yourself and embrace a future that holds the promise of renewal and growth.

Are you ready to accept your gifts?


If you are seeking compassionate Kelowna bereavement counselling, grief counselling or grief therapy, I am here for you. Remember, it’s okay to feel the weight of grief, and it’s equally okay to seek help.

Contact me today to take the first step towards healing.

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