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Navigating Burnout and Transitions with Katharine Hansen

Life is a journey of decisions, transitions, and the occasional crossroads. At Katharine Hansen Counselling, I specialize in empowering individuals through life decision making, offering guidance on navigating burnout, and providing support during significant life transitions. Let’s work together to illuminate your path and foster a sense of clarity and purpose.

Counselling Options To Help Navigate Your Life


Navigate life’s crossroads with confidence. Empowering decision making, offering support through life transitions, and providing guidance on managing burnout. Gain clarity, resilience, and purpose on your journey toward a more fulfilling life.

Decision Making

Life is a series of choices, and decision making can sometimes feel overwhelming. In counselling sessions, we explore your decision-making process, identifying values, goals, and potential barriers. By gaining clarity and developing practical decision-making strategies, we work towards empowering you to make informed and confident choices that align with your aspirations.

Life Transitions

In the midst of grief, the concept of change and growth may seem distant, but it is an integral part of the healing journey. As your dedicated guide, I work with you to explore the potential for positive transformation that can emerge from the grieving process. Together, we navigate the path toward healing, understanding that every small step forward is a triumph. Through therapeutic collaboration, we identify coping strategies, strengths, and resilience, fostering an environment where personal growth becomes an achievable and empowering goal.

How to Deal with Burnout
Burnout vs Depression

Burnout vs Depression

Distinguishing between burnout and depression is crucial for effective intervention. In our sessions, we explore the nuances of burnout versus depression, identifying symptoms, triggers, and coping mechanisms. Understanding these distinctions is key to developing a personalized approach for managing burnout and fostering emotional well-being.

How to Deal with Burnout

Dealing with burnout requires a holistic approach that addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of exhaustion. Through counselling, we explore the factors contributing to burnout, develop stress management techniques, and establish boundaries that promote self-care. Together, we create a roadmap for recovery and sustainable well-being.

Empower your life decision-making process. Whether you’re navigating transitions, facing burnout, or making pivotal choices, I am here to provide guidance, support, and practical tools.

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If you are seeking compassionate Kelowna counselling, help with decision making, or dealing with depression or burnout, I am here for you. Remember, it’s okay to feel the weight of stress, and it’s equally okay to seek help.

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