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During times of personal crisis, seeking support is an essential step toward healing and resilience. At Katharine Hansen Counselling in Kelowna, I specialize in crisis counselling, offering empathetic guidance for those facing challenges such as job loss, infertility, and coping with chronic illness. Together, let’s explore the path to recovery and empowerment.

Crisis Counselling

In the midst of a personal crisis, it’s crucial to have a compassionate guide. Crisis counselling at Katharine Hansen Counselling provides a safe space to explore your emotions, fears, and uncertainties. Through empathetic support, we work together to develop coping strategies and foster resilience, empowering you to navigate the challenges ahead.

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Empowering individuals to navigate life’s challenges with empathy and resilience. Your journey to healing begins here.

Common Counselling Topics


Job loss can be a significant life upheaval, impacting not only your financial stability but also your sense of identity and purpose. In counselling sessions, we address the emotional toll of job loss, explore strategies for managing stress and uncertainty, and work towards rebuilding a sense of direction and hope for the future.

How To Deal With Infertility

Coping with infertility is a uniquely challenging journey that can evoke a range of emotions, including anger and depression. In counselling, we provide a space to express and process these emotions, explore coping mechanisms, and develop strategies for self-care. The goal is to support you on your path to resilience and acceptance, whether you’re exploring fertility treatments or considering alternative paths.

How To Deal With Infertility

Coping with Chronic Illness:

In the midst of grief, the concept of change and growth may seem distant, but it is an integral part of the healing journey. As your dedicated guide, I work with you to explore the potential for positive transformation that can emerge from the grieving process. Together, we navigate the path toward healing, understanding that every small step forward is a triumph. Through therapeutic collaboration, we identify coping strategies, strengths, and resilience, fostering an environment where personal growth becomes an achievable and empowering goal.

Trauma Therapy in Kelowna

Trauma Therapy is an integral part of our Kelowna crisis counselling services. Whether you are dealing with job loss, infertility, or coping with chronic illness, trauma-informed therapy provides a framework for healing. Our approach recognizes the impact of personal crises on mental health and well-being, offering tailored therapeutic interventions to support your recovery.

Even in the face of profound loss, Katharine Hansen Counselling is here to help you discover the resilience within yourself and embrace a future that holds the promise of renewal and growth.

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If you are seeking grief counselling, dealing with a crisis or seeking Kelowna trauma therapy, I am here for you. Remember, it’s okay to feel the weight of personal crisis, and it’s equally okay to seek help.

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